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Never miss a beat:Auto-updating
Auto-updating playlists to keep your Spotify fresh.

Keep up with new releases from the artists already in your playlists.

$50 offuntil the end of July.


4000+ music fanatics never miss a beat

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Keeping your playlists fresh is a hassle

Release Radar is flawed.
It only shows new releases from artists you follow, leading to missed music from your favorite artists.
Managing multiple playlists is tedious and time-consuming. Maintaining consistent quality requires significant effort.
Missing out on new music.
It's frustrating to discover an album from one of your favorite artists has been out for a year without knowing.
Effort vs. results.
Discovering new music is exciting but it can take hours to find a few good songs.

There's an easier way

Discover effortlessly

Auto-keep your playlists fresh

Stop spending hours updating your Spotify playlists. With Brew.fm, new releases from all artists in a playlist are added automatically, so you never miss a beat.

Automated updates
Brew.fm checks your source playlist daily and adds new releases from the artists involved, ensuring your auto playlist is always fresh.
Peace of mind
By adding entire releases - not just single tracks, Brew.fm lets you enjoy the thrill of discovering new music from your favorite artists effortlessly, without missing out on any new songs.
Brew.fm can handle any size playlist, so you can keep your playlists fresh no matter how many artists are involved.
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Brew.fm founder Bart ProostHey, it's Bart 👋

A few years ago, I believed I was Annie Mac - on top of all music that came out.

I spent hours a day sifting through new releases, only to discover I still missed out on tracks from my favorite artists.

Spotify's Release Radar wasn't catching everything, and when work would get busy, my playlists felt stale.

As a software engineer and music enthusiast, I decided to solve this problem. I built Brew.fm to automate playlist updates.

Now, nothing falls through the cracks. What used to take hours a day, now takes minutes.

Big brands like Red Bull Music Academy and Sound trust me to write software for their users. At the time of writing, 4,046 music fanatics rely on Brew to keep their Spotify playlists up to date.

Gonna bless y’all with infinite new music. Found this site (brew.fm) that scrapes all your artists off a Spotify playlist then makes a new playlist of all their new releases. Release radar who??

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Simple pricing

$50 offuntil the end of July.


Get a taste of what you can do with Brew.fm

  • Unlimited auto playlists
  • No max playlist size
  • Daily updates from all artists in your playlists
  • Listen to 30s previews on Brew.fm
  • Weekly email updates
  • Spotify playlists do not auto-update for the free tier



Listen to your Brew.fm auto-playlists in Spotify


  • Everything in the free tier
  • Auto-updating Spotify playlists
  • No need to visit Brew.fm to listen to new music in auto-playlists
  • Preview full songs instead of the 30s previews on Brew.fm
  • Pay once, use forever

Yo who here introduced me to brew.fm? You deserve another thank you

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Frequently asked questions

Have another question? Contact me on Twitter or by email.
What is Brew.fm?
Brew.fm is a tool that automatically updates your Spotify playlists with new releases from the artists already in your playlists, ensuring you never miss new music from your favorite artists.
How does Brew.fm work?
Brew.fm scans the artists in your selected playlists daily and adds new releases to a dedicated auto-updating playlist, saving you time and keeping your playlists fresh.
Do I need to follow artists for Brew.fm to work?
No, Brew.fm checks all artists in your selected playlists, regardless of whether you follow them on Spotify.
Can I create multiple auto-updating playlists?
Yes, with Brew.fm, you can create unlimited auto-updating playlists to suit different moods and occasions.
Is there a limit to the size of playlists Brew.fm can handle?
No, Brew.fm can manage playlists of any size, ensuring all your favorite artists' new releases are included.
How often does Brew.fm update my playlists?
Brew.fm updates your playlists daily, adding new releases from the artists involved in your playlists.
Does Brew.fm add entire albums or just single tracks?
Brew.fm adds entire releases to your auto-updating playlists, not just single tracks, ensuring you get the full experience of your favorite artists' new music.
Is my data safe with Brew.fm?
Yes, Brew.fm prioritizes your privacy and data security. We only access the necessary information to update your playlists and do not store personal data beyond what is required for the service.
How much does Brew.fm cost?
Brew.fm offers a lifetime membership for a one-time payment of $49 until the end of July ($99 after), allowing you to enjoy continuous service without recurring fees.
What if I encounter an issue or have feedback?
Your feedback is always welcome and I'm here to help with any issues.

Don’t take my word for it. See what others say.

This is working brilliantly for me. I've found so many great tracks in my first day of using it and I've barely scratched the surface. Thank you!

This is an amazing idea, thank you so much for sharing it!

This is awesome

this is awesome! I immediately found new releases from some of my favorite bands that I didn't even know about!

This is absolutely incredible. I have been dieing for something like this. How you haven't sold this to Spotify I will never know.

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Search and Discover are the two cornerstones of digital service the discovery of new content is abstracted away from the user. Brew gives that control back and allows the user have a guided exploration session. great fun to explicitly find new content.

"Your listening habits have gotten less diverse over time. You've been listening to 95 genres over the last month, which is 9 less than your average of 104. Your taste is set in stone. It was and still is indie rock" I got a laugh, because this is absolutely and 100% true. Awesome job!

Try it now and find out what music you missed from artists you listen to all the time